Hohner Blues Bender P.A.C.

The Blues Bender features "Patented Acoustic Covers" (PAC) for greater volume and easy note bending with its airtight plastic comb and thicker reed plates for a consistent tone.

This instrument is ideal for those learning to play the blues and are developing their note bending skills. Other Hohner harmonicas which are designed for blues players include the Marine Band, the Blues Harp and the Special 20.


The Blues Bender PAC was specifically designed for players who desire a professional quality and reasonably priced instrument with the following quantities:

  • Patented Acoustic Covers for greater volume
  • Easier note bending due to an airtight plastic comb
  • Thicker reed plate for consistent tone
  • Longer Lasting Reeds

In Country, Blues, Jazz and Rock songs, professionals often play a harmonica tuned to a different key than the song is written in. This is called "Cross Harp." For this type of playing, check out the Key Selection Guide on the package.


  • item name Blues Bender P.A.C.
  • series Enthusiast
  • type diatonic
  • Key C A G Bb D E F
  • tuning Richter
  • Number of holes 10
  • Reeds 20 brass
  • Reed plates 1,05 mm brass
  • Cover surface stainless steel
  • Reed plate surface brass
  • Mouthpiece surface ABS
  • Comb ABS, black

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