Drum Heads

Drum Heads

Drums skins or commonly called drumheads, are placed onto drums and produce sound when hit. The impact on the skin causes vibration which causes sound to resonate from the drum. Many drums still ultilize animal skins here in Trinidad, but artists are increasingly finding creative ways to use modern synthetic skins instead. Our most popular brands are Evans and Remo drumheads. Our latest lineup of Evans drumheads have drummers raving with great reviews, learn more below.


Evans has been leading the revolution of drumheads with the newly released Level 360 line.

Learn more at the Evans Website

We carry the complete line of Evans Level 360 Drumheads including all the finishes, sizes and double ply versions. Experience the difference in sound and performance with an Evans drumhead.


Remo, Inc. has developed an incredibly wide variety of drumheads to fit every drumming application.

Learn more at the Remo Website

We carry a large variety of the Remo drumhead line, including the popular double ply drumheads in many different sizes and finishes.

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